Mother's Day Brunch & Gift Guide: The PNW Edition (2024)

As Mother's Day approaches (pssst, May 12), it's time to honor the incredible mothers and mother figures in our lives.

This year, celebrate with gifts that convey your appreciation and support local businesses. From indulgent brunch experiences to thoughtful and sustainable gifts, here's a curated guide to help you find the perfect way to show your gratitude.

Quality Time at The Lodge at St. Edward Park

As a mom myself, my favorite thing in the entire world is spending quality time with my kids. The Lodge at St. Edward Park offers an enchanting backdrop for quality time. For those who love to get creative, the Mother's Day Florals Workshop on May 8 invites participants to unleash their inner florist. Under the guidance of expert instructors, guests will craft stunning floral centerpieces to take home, ensuring a lasting memory of the day.

On Mother's Day itself, the indulgence continues with the Afternoon Tea at The Lodge. Treat the special mother figure in your life to this delightful experience filled with teas, pastries, classic sandwiches, flowers and cherished moments shared together in a beautiful setting. The Lodge's standard weekend brunch will also be available, as well as a unique artist pop-up shop in the foyer.

For Moms With A Sweet Tooth

Lady M in Bellevue is introducing several new cake flavors just in time for Mother's Day. Here are a few we think she will love:

  • Strawberry Swirl Mille Crêpes: Tart, creamy, and irresistibly sweet: that's exactly what she'll experience with the Strawberry Swirl Mille Crêpes. This masterpiece brings together layers of strawberry-infused sponge cake and delicate paper-thin crepes, interlaced with juicy strawberry pieces. Topped with a swirl of strawberry pastry cream and dusted with strawberry powder, each bite is a harmonious blend of boldness and balance.
  • Lavender Mille Crêpes: For the mom who appreciates elegance and refinement, spring for the Lavender Mille Crêpes. Delicate layers of paper-thin crepes envelop a luscious lavender pastry cream, with a surprise burst of blackberry jelly at the center. Adorned with organic lavender flowers and a delicate piping of lavender-blackberry cream, this cake is as visually stunning as it is delicious. It's a true sensory experience that celebrates the beauty of spring.
  • Salted Caramel Mille Crêpes: Indulge Mom's sweet tooth with the divine Salted Caramel Mille Crêpes. This decadent creation combines lacy chocolate crepes with velvety salted caramel pastry cream. Each layer is meticulously crafted by hand, ensuring a deep, rich flavor and a silky-smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Finished with a luscious, salted caramel glaze and a sprinkling of crunchy cacao nibs, this cake is a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Another great option is the Sparkling Brut Princess & Bear Wine’s Mother's Day Bundle. It hails from the very region where sparkling wine was first discovered in 1521. Talk about history in a bottle! What makes it even more special is that it's hand-harvested and comes from sustainable agriculture practices. And when it comes to pairing, this wine is the ultimate addition for your Mother's Day brunch celebrations. Whether you're sipping mimosas or indulging in tea cakes, it's the perfect companion.

Moms Who Brunch

There are no shortage of brunch options to make this Mother's Day in the PNW truly special. From waterfront views to mouthwatering seafood delicacies, here's a curated selection of brunch offerings that promise to elevate the celebration to new heights – and the best part, no clean up!

  • TIDAL+, A Seafood Lover's Paradise: Located in downtown Seattle, TIDAL+ beckons with its Pacific Northwest-inspired brunch spread that celebrates the bounty of the sea. TIDAL+ offers an array of tempting options, from the briny goodness of freshly shucked oysters to the rich and indulgent flavors of the house-smoked salmon benedict. And for those with a sweet tooth, the blackberry pancakes and cinnamon sugar beignets are sure to delight. Try a Bloody Mary, mimosa or mocktail to cheers the queen of the day. Reservations can be made here.

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  • Elliott's, Brunch with a View: Perched on the shores of Elliott Bay, Elliott's offers a brunch experience like no other, with panoramic views of the sparkling waters and the majestic Olympic Mountains beyond. Start your brunch with Elliott's signature Applewood Smoked Alaskan Salmon Scramble, a decadent combination of fluffy eggs, creamy smoked salmon, and crisp vegetables. Or indulge in the King Crab Quiche, a savory delight that pairs perfectly with breathtaking views. And for those craving something truly indulgent, the Maine Lobster Pot Pie is not to be missed. Reservations can be made here.
  • Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, Waterfront Elegance; Situated on the shores of Lake Washington, this hotel offers a Mother’s Day brunch buffet that’s sure to impress. From savory delights to sweet pastries, the brunch buffet at the Hyatt Regency promises something for every palate. Feast on savory delights like eggs benedict, smoked salmon, and gourmet cheeses, or satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent pastries, fresh fruit, and made-to-order waffles. Reservations can be made here.
  • Mother's Day at All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar; Honor the remarkable women who tirelessly do it all this Mother's Day at All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar at Hotel 1000. On Sunday, May 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., enjoy a special prix fixe menu along with live music, custom-made treats from Camano Cookies, and a photo booth to commemorate the day. Sal Floral Design, the artist behind the hotel's lobby floral displays, is also popping up with bouquets available for purchase. Delivered tableside, these delightful arrangements with roses, orchids, and spring tulips are sure to make for a memorable surprise. Reservations are available here.
  • Mother’s Day Brunch at Duke’s Seafood. With brunch served only twice a year – Easter and Mother’s Day – this is your final opportunity to savor Duke's signature dishes until next spring. Picture-perfect Eggs Bene “Duke” featuring succulent Washington Coast Dungeness Crab, or the Wild Prawn “Benedict Arnold” with Mexican Pacific Prawns and nitrite-free bacon atop a toasted English muffin. For those with a sweet tooth, the French Toast For the Most offers a delightful combination of flavors, while the Veggie Scramble For Your Life promises a fresh and flavorful vegetarian delight. But of course, brunch at Duke’s isn’t complete without their Famous Bloody Bloody Mary, a concoction of New Amsterdam vodka infused with roasted garlic, onions, and a medley of spices, perfectly complemented by Demitri’s All-Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning. Garnished with two jumbo Wild Mexican Prawns, it’s a drink fit for a queen aka mom! Reservations are available here.

Pretty and Clean

Discover L'AVANT Collective, founded by local moms, offering non-toxic and highly effective cleaning products. Consider the Deluxe High Performing Dish & Hand Soap Duo for a sustainable and plant-based cleaning solution that also adds a touch of elegance to any home.

Made In Washington

If you're looking for a gift that's as thoughtful as it is delightful, consider the Tea and Honey Gift Set from Made in Washington. This curated collection includes Puget Sound Wildflower Honey, Whatcom Chamomile Tea Bags, Salted Honey Caramels, and a charming Bumble Bee Tea Towel. It's a sweet gesture that celebrates the flavors and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Family Keepsake

Go beyond traditional gifts and give mom something truly meaningful – the gift of cherished memories. Family pictures hold a special place in every mother's heart, serving as a timeless reminder of the love and bond shared within the family unit. Plus, who is ever taking mom's picture? She'll treasure this one forever.

Have fun spoiling Mom while you shop local, and don't forget a card. Your time and words will be treasured above all.

Kate Neidigh is a writer for Seattle Refined covering lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, real estate, gift guides and feature stories. See more of her work on Instagram here.

Mother's Day Brunch & Gift Guide: The PNW Edition (2024)
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