Frozen Margarita Recipe (2024)

Frozen Margarita Recipe (1)

By: Becky Hardin

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Summer is here, and I can’t stop thinking about this delicious frozen margarita recipe. I love nothing more on a hot day than a icy marg. You don’t need a fancy machine for this classic co*cktail, just a handful of ingredients and a high-powered blender, and welcome to Margaritaville!

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What’s in This Frozen Margarita Recipe?

You really can’t go wrong with a classic margarita, and when they are frozen, they are so much better! This is a real summertime indulgence, and I honestly think it’s the best marg recipe out there! I’ve created it with just a handful of simple ingredients and in five minutes and you will have a zingy and flavorful co*cktail. Get ready to be transported to a beach without a care in the world.

  • Cointreau:This orange liqueur is a staple in margaritas. I prefer Cointreau over triple sec, but either will work.
  • Lime Juice:Freshly squeezed lime juice is the key to a delicious margarita. Don’t use bottled lime juice; it just won’t taste the same!
  • Tequila:Choose a good-quality Reposado tequila for the smoothest, best-tasting margaritas.
  • Agave Syrup:Agave nectar is a great all-natural sweetener. Use more or less depending on your tastes.
  • Ice:Blend these margs with a good bit of ice for a slushy, thirst-quenching drink!

Variations to Try

  • Smoky:I swap the Reposado tequila for Mezcal for smoky margaritas.
  • Spicy:I muddle a few jalapeño slices in the bottom of each glass before pouring in the margarita, or add some chili powder to the salt rim.
  • Fruity: You can add ½ cup of just about any frozen fruit to this recipe to make fruity frozen margs. Do not use fresh fruit, as it will make them watery!
  • Virgin:When I want to make these nonalcoholic, I simply swap the tequila for sparkling water and the Cointreau for orange juice. Blend these mocktails without the sparkling water, then top them off with sparkling water just before serving.
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How to Store

You can mix together the Cointreau, lime juice, tequila, and agave and store them in the refrigerator for up to 1 day. Simply pour this mixture into the blender with ice and blend to serve.

How to Freeze

You can also batch and freeze margaritas. Simply pour individual margaritas into glass jars, seal, and freeze for up to 2 weeks. Serve directly from the freezer!

Serving Suggestions

I’m a huge fan of Mexican food, and I just love pairing delicious food with delicious margaritas! Try these margs with Baked Chicken Tacos, White Queso, or Mexican Grilled Corn.

Notes from the Test Kitchen

When it comes to garnish, I like to keep it classic and simple. A salt rim and a slice of lime is really all you need.

5-Star Review

“I don’t think I could survive a summer without one of these!” -April


Frozen Margarita Recipe

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Author: Becky Hardin

Prep: 5 minutes minutes

Cook: 0 minutes minutes

Total: 5 minutes minutes

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Serves2 drinks

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Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with this delicious frozen margaritas?!

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  • ¼ cup Cointreau
  • ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice from about 2 limes
  • ½ cup Reposado Tequila we love Exotico
  • ¼ cup agave nectar
  • 2 cups ice more if needed


  • Place first four ingredients in a high powered blender and add 2 cups ice. Blend until smooth. Add more ice if necessary. Enjoy!

    ¼ cup Cointreau, ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice, ½ cup Reposado Tequila, ¼ cup agave nectar, 2 cups ice

Last step! Don’t forget to show me a pic of what you made! Upload an image or tag me @thecookierookie on Instagram!

Becky’s tips

  • Use a good quality tequila.
  • Use fresh lime juice– this really does make all of the difference!
  • These Margaritas are not very sweet. If you would like them sweeter, just add more agave syrup to taste.
  • Use a powerful blender to ensure the ice is crushed.
  • If you want salted glass rims: Cover the bottom of a small plate with margarita salt. Rub the rims of the glasses with a lime wedge, dip the rims in the margarita salt, and set the glasses upright to dry a tad before filling.

Storage:Store frozen margaritas in individual glasses in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. Serve directly from frozen.

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1drink Calories: 322kcal (16%) Carbohydrates: 33g (11%) Protein: 0.2g Fat: 0.2g Saturated Fat: 0.03g Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.03g Monounsaturated Fat: 0.01g Sodium: 16mg (1%) Potassium: 47mg (1%) Fiber: 0.2g (1%) Sugar: 29g (32%) Vitamin A: 15IU Vitamin C: 14mg (17%) Calcium: 12mg (1%) Iron: 0.1mg (1%)

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What’s the difference between a daiquiri and a frozen margarita?

Margaritas are made with tequila, while daiquiris are made with white rum.

Do frozen margaritas have more alcohol?

Margaritas contain a good amount of alcohol, and frozen margaritas are no different. Please drink responsibly.

How do you make frozen margaritas thicker?

To make these margaritas thicker, simply add more ice and continue to blend until they reach your desired consistency!

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Frozen Margarita Recipe (10)

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Frozen Margarita Recipe (2024)
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