2024 NFL draft live updates: Rounds 4-7 predictions, how to watch, analysis, Browns picks (2024)

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2024 NFL draft live updates: Rounds 4-7 predictions, how to watch, analysis, Browns picks (3)

2024 NFL draft live updates: Rounds 4-7 predictions, how to watch, analysis, Browns picks (4)

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BEREA — The Cleveland Browns looked to upgrade their roster along each line during Day 2 of the NFL draft.

What will Day 3 bring?

In adding a defensive tackle (Michael Hall Jr.) and guard (Zak Zinter) Friday, the Browns have set themselves up to perhaps pursue offensive skill in the final four rounds of the draft Saturday once the draft resumes at noon. They begin the day with four picks, with the first scheduled to come in the fifth round — barring any trades.

We'll have all of the Browns draft picks and other news here. Follow along throughout the day.

UDFAs take center stage following NFL draft

After adding six players through the NFL draft, the Browns are not done making additions to their roster. The pursuit of undrafted free agents begins, with some signing moments after the draft ends. Here's our Browns UDFA tracker, as well as a list of the best available players, as of the end of the draft.

NFL draft picks updates: Round 7 picks No. 221-257

  • No. 221, Buffalo Bills: Travis Clayton, G, England
  • No. 222, Washington Commanders: Javonte Jean-Baptiste, DE, Notre Dame
  • No. 223, Las Vegas Raiders: Trey Taylor, S, Air Force
  • No. 224, Cincinnati Bengals: Daijahn Anthony, S, Ole Miss
  • No. 225, Los Angeles Chargers: Brendan Rice, WR, USC
  • No. 226, Arizona Cardinals: Jaden Davis, CB, Miami
  • No. 227, Cleveland Browns: Myles Harden, DB, South Dakota
  • No. 228, Baltimore Ravens: Nick Samac, C, Michigan State
  • No. 229, Las Vegas Raiders: M.J. Devonshire, CB, Pittsburgh
  • No. 230, Minnesota Vikings: Michael Jurgens, C, Wake Forest
  • No. 231, New England Patriots: Jaheim Bell, TE, Florida State
  • No. 232, Minnesota Vikings: Levi Drake Rodriguez, DT, Texas A&M-Commerce
  • No. 233, Dallas Cowboys: Nathan Thomas, OT, Louisiana
  • No. 234, Indianapolis Colts: Jonah Laulu, DT, Oklahoma
  • No. 235, Denver Broncos: Devaughn Vele, WR, Utah
  • No. 236, Jacksonville Jaguars: Myles Cole,DE, Texas Tech
  • No. 237, Cincinnati Bengals: Matt Lee, C, Miami
  • No. 238, Houston Texans: Solomon Byrd, DE, USC
  • No. 239, New Orleans Saints: Josiah Ezirim, OT, Eastern Kentucky
  • No. 240, Carolina Panthers: Michael Barrett, LB, Michigan
  • No. 241, Miami Dolphins: Tahj Washington, WR, USC
  • No. 242, Tennessee Titans: James Williams, S, Miami
  • No. 243, Cleveland Browns: Jowon Briggs, DT, Cincinnati
  • No. 244, Dallas Cowboys: Justin Rogers, DT, Auburn
  • No. 245, Green Bay Packers: Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane
  • No. 246, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Devin Culp, TE, Washington
  • No. 247, Houston Texans: Marcus Harris, DT, Auburn
  • No. 248, Kanas City Chiefs: C.J. Hanson, G, Holy Cross
  • No. 249, Houston Texans, LaDarius Henderson, OT, Michigan
  • No. 250, Baltimore Ravens: Sanoussi Kane, S, Purdue
  • No. 251, San Francisco 49ers: Tatum Bethune, LB, Florida Sate
  • No. 252, Tennessee Titans: Jaylen Harrell, DE, Michigan
  • No. 253, Los Angeles Chargers: Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan
  • No. 254, Los Angeles Rams: KT Leveston, G, Kansas State
  • No. 255, Green Bay Packers: Kalen King, CB, Penn State
  • No. 256, Denver Broncos: Nick Gargiulo, C, South Carolina
  • No. 257, New York Jets: Jaylen Key, S, Alabama

NFL draft picks updates: Round 6 picks No. 177-220

  • No. 177, Minnesota Vikings: Walter Rouse, OT, Oklahoma
  • No. 178, Pittsburgh Steelers: Logan Lee, DT, Iowa
  • No. 179, Seattle Seahawks: Sataoa Laumea, G, Utah
  • No. 180., New England Patriots: Macellas Dial, CB, South Carolina
  • No. 181, Los Angeles Chargers: Kimani Vidal, RB, Troy
  • No. 182, Tennessee Titans: Jha’Quan Jackson, WR, Tulane
  • No. 183, New York Giants: Darius Muasau, LB, UCLA
  • No. 184, Miami Dolphins, Malik Washington, WR, Washington
  • No. 185, Philadelphia Eagles: Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State
  • No. 186, Atlanta Falcons: Jase McClellan, RB, Alabama
  • No. 187, Atlanta Falcons: Casey Washington, WR, Illinois
  • No. 188, Houston Texans: Jamal Hill, LB, Oregon
  • No. 189, Detroit Lions: Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU
  • No. 190, Philadelphia Eagles: Dylan McMahon, C, North Carolina State
  • No. 191, Arizona Cardinals: Tejhuan Palmer, WR, UAB
  • No. 192, Seattle Seahawks: DJ James, CB, Auburn
  • No. 193, New England Patriots: Joe Milton II, Tennessee
  • No. 194, Cincinnati Bengals: Tanner McLachlan, TE, Arizona
  • No. 195, Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan Watts, CB, Texas
  • No. 196, Los Angeles Rams: Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson
  • No. 197, Atlanta Falcons: Zion Logue, DT, Georgia
  • No. 198, Miami Dolphins: Patrick McMorris, S, California
  • No. 199, New Orleans Saints: Khristian Boyd, DT, Northern Iowa
  • No. 200, Carolina Panthers: Jaden Crumedy, DT, Mississippi State
  • No. 201, Indianapolis Colts: Micah Abraham, CB, Marshall
  • No. 202, Green Bay Packers: Travis Glover, OT, Georgia State
  • No. 203, Minnesota Vikings: Will Reichard, K, Alabama
  • No. 204, Buffalo Bills: Tylan Grable, OT, UCF
  • No. 205, Houston Texans: Jawhar Jordan, RB, Louisville
  • No. 206, Cleveland Browns: Nathaniel Watson, LB, Mississippi State
  • No. 207, Seattle Seahawks: Michael Jerrell, OT, Findlay
  • No. 208, Las Vegas Raiders: Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire
  • No. 209, Los Angeles Rams: Joshua Karty, K, Stanford
  • No. 210, Detroit Lions: Christian Mahogany, G, Boston College
  • No. 211, Kansas City Chiefs: Kamal Hadden, CB, Tennessee
  • No. 212, Jacksonville Jaguars: Cam Little, K, Arkansas
  • No. 213, Los Angeles Rams: Jordan Whittingon, WR, Texas
  • No. 214, Cincinnati Bengals: Cedric Johnson, DE, Mississippi
  • No. 215, San Francisco 49ers: Jarrett Kingston, G, USC
  • No. 216, Dallas Cowboys: Ryan Flournoy, WR, Southeast Missouri State
  • No. 217, Los Angeles Rams: Beaux Limmer, C, Arkansas
  • No. 218, Baltimore Ravens: Devin Leary, QB, Kentucky
  • No. 219, Buffalo Bills: Daequan Hardy, CB, Penn State
  • No. 220, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Elijah Klein, G, UTEP

NFL draft picks update: Round 5 picks No. 136-150

  • No. 136, Seattle Seahawks:Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn
  • No. 137. Los Angeles Chargers:Tarheeb Still, CB, Maryland
  • No. 138, Arizona Cardinals: Xavier Thomas, EDGE, Clemson
  • No. 139, Washington Commanders: Jordan Magee, LB, Temple
  • No. 140, Los Angeles Chargers: Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame
  • No. 141, Buffalo Bills: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, C, Georgia
  • No. 142, Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Gould, WR, Oregon State
  • No. 143, Atlanta Falcons: JD Bertrand, LB, Notre Dame
  • No. 144, Chicago Bears: Austin Booker, EDGE, Kansas
  • No. 145: Denver Broncos: Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri
  • No. 146, Tennessee Titans: Jarvis Brownlee Jr, CB, Louisville
  • No. 147, Denver Broncos: Austin Estime, RB, Notre Dame
  • No. 148, Las Vegas Raiders: Tommy Eichenberg, Ohio State
  • No. 149, Cincinnati Bengals: Josh Newton, CB. TCU
  • No. 150, New Orleans Saints: Spencer Rattler, QB. South Carolina
  • No. 151, Indianapolis Colts: Jaylon Carlies, S, Missouri
  • No. 152, Philadelphia Eagles: Ainias Smith, WR, Texas A&M
  • No. 153, Jacksonville Jaguars: Deantre Price, CB, Mississippi
  • No. 154, Los Angeles Rams: Brennan Jackson, DE, Washington State
  • No. 155, Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB, Clemson
  • No. 156, Cleveland Browns: Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
  • No. 157, Carolina Panthers: Chau Smith-Wade, CB, Washington State
  • No. 158, Miami Dolphins: Mohamed Kamara, DE, Colorado State
  • No. 159, Kansas City Chiefs: Hunter Nourzad, C, Penn State
  • No. 160, Buffalo Bills: Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB, Washington
  • No. 161, Washington Commanders: Dominique Hampton, S, Washington
  • No. 162, Arizona Cardinals: Christian Jones OT, Texas
  • No. 163., Green Bay Packers: Jacob Monk, C, Duke
  • No. 164, Indianapolis Colts: Jaylin Simpson, S, Auburn
  • No. 165, Baltimore Ravens: Rasheed Ali, RB, Marshall
  • No. 166, New York Giants: Tyrone Tracy, RB, Purdue
  • No. 167, Jacksonville Jaguars: Keilan Robinson, RB, Texas
  • No. 168, Buffalo Bills: Javon Solomon, DE, Troy
  • No. 169, Green Bay Packers: Kitan Oladapo, S, Oregon State
  • No. 170, New Orleans Saints: Bub Means, WR, Pittsburgh
  • No. 171, New York Jets: Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State
  • No. 172, Philadelphia Eagles: Trevor Keegan, G, Michigan
  • No. 173, New York Jets: Isaiah Davis, RB, South Dakota State
  • No. 174, Dallas Cowboys: Caelen Carson, CB, Wake Forest
  • No. 175, New Orleans Saints: Jaylan Ford, LB, Texas
  • No. 176, New York Jets: Qwan'tez Stiggers, CB, Toronto Argonauts

NFL draft picks update: Round 4 remaining picks, No. 121-135

  • No. 121, Seattle Seahawks: A.J. Barner, TE, Michigan
  • No. 122, Chicago Bears: Troy Taylor, P, Iowa
  • No. 123, Houston Texans: Cade Stover, TE, Ohio State
  • No. 124, San Francisco 49ers: Malik Mustapha, S. Wake Forest
  • No. 125, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon
  • No. 126, Detroit Lions: Giovanni Manu. OT. University of British Columbia
  • No. 127, Philadelphia Eagles: Will Shipley, RB, Clemson
  • No. 128, Buffalo Bills: Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky
  • No. 129, San Francisco 49ers: Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville
  • No. 130, Baltimore Ravens: T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State
  • No. 131, Kansas City Chiefs: Jared Wiley, TE, TCU
  • No. 132, Detroit Lions: Sione Vaki, S, Utah
  • No. 133, Kansas City Chiefs: Jaden Hicks, S Washington State
  • No. 134, New York Jets: Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin
  • No. 135, San Francisco 49ers: Jason Cowing, WR, Arizona

Browns draft a linebacker in the sixth round with Nathaniel Watson

The Browns checked off another need in the sixth round by taking Mississippi State linebacker Nathaniel Watson.

Watson led the Southeastern Conference in tackles last season and over the last to years he had 16 sacks.

Florida State football standout Johnny Wilson finally taken in NFL draft by Philadelphia Eagles

After a long wait, oversized Florida State wide receiver Johnny Wilson finally heard his name called on Day 3 of the draft. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted the nearly 6-foot-7 wide receiver.

Louis Riddick of ESPN said watching Wilson in practice caused his jaw to "hit the floor" because of his size.

Running back run highlights back of 2024 NFL draft fifth round

The fifth round of the NFL draft featured a run on running backs. Three consecutive running backs were taken with Rasheed Ali going at No. 165 to the Baltimore Ravens, Tyrone Tracy of Purdue being taken at No. 166 by the New York Giants and Keilan Robinson of Texas being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 167.

Browns add a wide receiver with Jamari Thrash of Louisville

The Browns addressed the wide receiver position in the draft by selecting Louisville's Jamari Thrash with the 156th pick in the draft.

In one season at Louisville, Thrash had 63 receptions for 858 yards and six touchdowns. Prior to his season at Louisville, Thrash went to Georgia Southern. Thrash ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds.

"If you're looking for a guy to run a route, Jamari Thrash is the guy you're looking for," ESPN's Field Yates said after the pick.

Saints take South Carolina football Spencer Rattler in fifth round

Between picks 13 and 149 overall, not a single quarterback was taken in the 2024 NFL draft. The Saints ended that record-long gap by taking South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler.

Texans draft Ohio State TE Cade Stover with last pick from Deshaun Watson trade

The final pick the Browns traded to the Houston Texans for quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2022 was used Saturday afternoon when the Texans took Ohio State tight end Cade Stove with pick No. 123 in the fourth round.

Aurora High School graduate A.J. Barner drafted by Seattle Seahawks at No. 121

The second Greater Akron area product was selected in this year draft on Saturday. Aurora High School graduate and Michigan tight end A.J. Barner was selected by the Seattle Seahawks at No. 121 overall in the fourth round.

The Browns took Streetsboro High School graduate and Ohio State defensive lineman Mike Hall Jr. on Friday night at No. 54 overall in the second round.

NFL draft pick: Round 4 4th 5 picks 116-120

  • No. 116, Jacksonville Jaguars (from North Orleans): Jordan Jefferson, DT, LSU
  • No. 117, Indianapolis Colts: Tanor Bortolini, OC, Wisconsin
  • No. 118, Seattle Seahawks: Tyrice Knight, LB, Texas-El Paso
  • No. 119, Pittsburgh Steelers: Mason McCormick, OG, South Dakota State
  • No. 120, Miami Dolphins (from Los Angeles Rams through Pittsburgh and Philadelphia): Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee

NFL draft picks: Round 4 3rd 5 picks, No. 111-115

  • No. 111, Green Bay Packers (from New York Jets): Evan Williams, S, Oregon
  • No. 112, Las Vegas Raiders: Decamerion Richardson, CB, Mississippi State
  • No. 113, Baltimore Ravens (from Denver through New York Jets): Devontez Walker, WR, North Carolina
  • No. 114, Jacksonville Jaguars: Javon Foster, OT, Missouri
  • No. 115, Cincinnati Bengals: Erick All, TE, Iowa

NFL draft picks: Round 4 2nd 5 picks, No. 106-110

  • No. 106, Tennessee Titans: Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina
  • No. 107, New York Giants: Theo Johnson, TE, Penn State
  • No. 108, Minnesota Vikings: Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon
  • No. 109, Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Dorius, DT, Oregon
  • No. 110: New England Patriots (from Chicago through Los Angeles Chargers): Javon Baker, WR, UCF

NFL draft picks: Round 4 1st 5 picks, No. 101-105

  • No. 101, Carolina Panthers: Ja'Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas
  • No. 102, Denver Broncos (from Washington through Seattle): Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon
  • No. 103, New England Patriots: Layden Robinson, OG, Texas A&M
  • No. 104, Arizona Cardinals: Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, S, Texas Tech
  • No. 105: Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

NFL draft underway: Rounds 4, 5, 6 and 7

The final day of the 2024 NFL draft got started a little after noon. The Carolina Panthers have the first pick of the fourth round, No. 101.

Cleveland Browns NFL draft history: Last draft pick by position, including 2024

  • QB: Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA, 2023, fifth round
  • RB: Jerome Ford, Cincinnati, 2022, fifth round
  • FB: Malcolm Johnson, Mississippi State, 2015, sixth round
  • WR: Cedric Tillman, Tennessee, 2023, third round
  • TE: Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic, 2020, fourth round
  • OL: Zak Zinter, Michigan, 2024, third round
  • DL: Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati, 2024, seventh round
  • LB: Nathaniel Watson, Mississippi State, 2024, seventh round
  • DB: Myles Harden, South Dakota, 2024, seventh round
  • K/P: Cade York, LSU, 2022, fourth round

What picks do the Browns have in the 2024 NFL draft today?

  • Round 5: No. 156 (from Philadelphia through Arizona): Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
  • Round 6: No. 206 (from Baltimore): Nathaniel Watson, LB, Missippi State
  • Round 7: No. 227 (from Tennessee): Myles Harden, DB, South Dakota
  • Round 7: No. 243: Jowon Briggs, DT, Cincinnati

Who have the Browns drafted in 2024?

  • Round 2: No. 54 -Mike Hall Jr., DT, Ohio State
  • Round 3: No. 85 -Zak Zinter, G, Michigan
  • Round 5: No. 156 (from Philadelphia through Arizona): Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
  • Round 6: No. 206 (from Baltimore): Nathaniel Watson, LB, Missippi State
  • Round 7: No. 227 (from Tennessee): Myles Harden, DB, South Dakota
  • Round 7: No. 243: Jowon Briggs, DT, Cincinnati

How can I watch and stream Rounds 4-7 of the NFL draft?

There will be multiple networks covering the draft on terrestrial television. ABC (Channel 5 in Northeast Ohio), ESPN and NFL Network will all carry Saturday's final four rounds live, starting at noon on all three networks.

ESPN’s presentation will be simulcast on ABC, and feature Rece Davis hosting alongside Mel Kiper Jr., Louis Riddick, Field Yates, Matt Miller and Rece Davis.

NFL Network will have Rich Eisen, Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, Peter Schrager and Ian Rapoport leading its coverage.

The event can be streamed live on eitherESPN+orNFL+. All broadcasts start at noon.

Chris Easterling can be reached at ceasterling@thebeaconjournal.com. Read more about the Browns at www.beaconjournal.com/sports/browns. Follow him on X at @ceasterlingABJ

2024 NFL draft live updates: Rounds 4-7 predictions, how to watch, analysis, Browns picks (2024)
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